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By Raja Anjana Kothapalli

Read on to know the complete influencer news for the month of January 2021 compiled and consolidated by Hobo Video from trusted news sources. Read and find out all you need to know about the happenings of influencers and influencer marketing around the world via this month’s edition of influencer news.

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Research And Markets released a forecast to 2025 report on the global influencer marketing platform industry

The report by Research And Markets is titled “Global Influencer Marketing Platform Industry by Component, Application (Search & Discovery, Campaign Management, Influencer Relationship Management, Analytics & Reporting), Organization Size, End-user, and Region — Forecast to 2025”. The objective of the report is to define, describe, and forecast the influencer marketing platform market size based on component, organization size, application, end-user, and region. According to the report, the global influencer marketing platform market is projected to grow from USD 6 billion in 2020 to USD 24.1 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 32%. You can go through the entire report here.

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Talking Influence hosting the Influencer Marketing Awards 2021

The Influencer Marketing Awards (IMA) seeks to recognize and reward agencies and platforms that are helping brands to plan, execute and measure their influencer marketing campaigns, either as a standalone campaign or as part of a multi-channel effort. Influencer Marketing Awards 2021 is by Talking Influence, specialists in curating great content, research, communities, and events. Participants can access the Entry Kit that has crucial guidelines and top tips for crafting a winning entry. The awards are judged by an experienced, independent panel, comprised of the brightest minds and change-makers from across the globe. You can read more about the IMA awards here.

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LG used a virtual influencer, Rhea Keem, to announce new products

LG introduced Reah Keem during its live-streamed CES keynote to unveil the company’s new line of LG CLOi UV-C robots. Rhea Keem is a DJ and travel aficionado. She loves working on music and vacationing abroad. Keem talked about how important the CLOi UV-C was to her own life, using the chance to talk about how excited she was to start traveling again in the real world. She has over 8K followers on Instagram and a SoundCloud page. You can get more information on this influencer news here.

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Kate Middleton is named the best fashion influencer for her lockdown wardrobe

Kate Middleton won the title of the best fashion influencer beating Meghan Markle and Holly Willoughby. Love the Sales, a leading website for shopping the sales online, researched the biggest sales spikes after celebrities wore certain outfits last year. The undisputed winner was Kate Middleton’s floral dress, which is by brand Faithfull The Brand. She wore the dress in the summer at a socially distanced event. The brand saw a 112 percent spike in sales after the Duchess wore the summer dress. Read more about it here.

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IZEA was awarded a seven-figure influencer marketing contract by a Fortune 100 retailer

IZEA is a premier online marketplace that connects marketers with content creators. It provides influencer marketing technology, data, and services for the leading brands in the world. IZEA was awarded a seven-figure contract from a Fortune 100 Retailer who is a repeat customer. The contract includes both managed services and licensing of IZEA’s BrandGraph software. Find more information on this influencer news here.

Q India adds new influencer marketing clients worth $40K

Q India has expanded its monetization efforts with its January integrations for social brands through Influencer Marketing. New clients include Policy Bazaar, Groww, AIMA, and Pullman Aerocity. These Influencer Marketing alliances, representing a separate and unique revenue stream going forward, have quickly booked in early January a total of $40K with an expanding pipeline of engagements in negotiation. The Influencer Marketing segment of Q India business is separate from and in addition to the recently announced $200K in television ad campaigns. Get more details on this influencer news here.

What’s popping? 9 influencer marketing trends by Hobo Video to look for in 2021

With the increase in popularity, demand, and investment in the influencer marketing domain, we can expect many new and exciting things trending this year. Hobo Video lists 9 trends that would take the influencer marketing sector by storm in 2021. Go through the entire influencer news on these trends here.

Image credit: Image by Pritika Matkar on Canva
  1. Video content still reigns
  2. More focus on micro and nano influencers
  3. No edit Aesthetics will evolve to establish authenticity
  4. Prioritizing value-driven content
  5. Focus on long-term partnerships
  6. More stringent and changing guidelines for influencers
  7. Focus on diversity and inclusion
  8. A rise in the use of new social media platforms and creator tools
  9. CGI influencers in the spotlight

Singapore influencer marketing platform AnyTag comes to the Middle East

AnyTag, part of Singapore-based, AnyMind Group, launches the influencer marketing platform in the Middle East. AnyMind Group first entered the Middle East market earlier this year through the acquisition of POKKT Mobile Ads. AnyTag is a platform that lets marketers employ over 180K influencers for their marketing campaigns from micro users with a small group of followers to top celebrities with over a million. Read more influencer news on AnyTag entering the Middle East here.

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Douglass Mackey, a social media influencer, accused of ‘vote theft’ during the 2016 US election

Social media influencer, Douglass Mackey, 31, who used the Twitter handle “Ricky Vaughn” was arrested on 27th January 2021 in West Palm Beach, Florida. After an initial court appearance, he was released on a January$50,000 bond. Mackey misled thousands of Hillary Clinton supporters into casting invalid votes via text message. Before his Twitter account was suspended in October 2016, Mackey often tweeted racist and anti-Semitic content along with support for Donald Trump. He appeared to target Black voters with messages suggesting they could avoid the line and use a provided phone number to text their vote. According to prosecutors, about 4,900 voters did so instead of casting legitimate votes at the polls. If convicted, he faces as long as 10 years in prison. To read more influencer news on the alleged vote theft read this.

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Eloelo onboards 5,000 influencers for its video

Eloelo, an influencer-driven Lifestyle Social Commerce platform for India has recently onboarded 5,000 influencers on their platform paving the way for a video 1st social commerce platform in the lifestyle category. The company is founded by Saurabh Pandey (Ex-Category Head at Flipkart) and Akshay Dubey (Ex-Supply Chain Product at Flipkart). “We believe the future of commerce in this country will be recommendation-driven and Influencers will be at the forefront of driving this. Onboarding 5,000 Influencers is just 0.1% of our Journey & we are super excited for our content-to-commerce launch”, says Pandey, the CEO & Co-founder of Eloelo. Read more here.

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Liam Williams deftly spoofs the influencer industry in the third series of Pls Like

Pls Like is a BBC television satirical mockumentary, produced by Left Bank Pictures and screened on BBC Three. This quick-witted mockumentary, written by and starring Liam Williams, spent its first two series teasing YouTubers. The third series released in January 2021 is focused on the influencer industry. You can read more about this new Pls Like series here.

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Influencer was offered $1,62,907 for an old and moldy phone cover on eBay

Bianca Classen, a social media influencer with 5.92 million subscribers on YouTube and 7.7 million followers on Instagram, puts up an old and moldy phone case for sale on eBay and receives a $1,62,907 bid. She is better known by her YouTube channel name BibisBeautyPalace. Read the entire influencer news on this bid here.

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Amazon Fashion’s The Drop recruits CGI influencer Imma

Amazon Fashion’s The Drop collaborates with Japan’s first CGI influencer, Imma, on a fashion-forward street style collection continuing the e-commerce platform’s ongoing streak of experimental tie-ups. Read more on this influencer news by clicking here.

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IZEA releases the 2021 State of Influencer Equality report

On 26 January 2021, IZEA Worldwide Inc., the premier provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services for the world’s leading brands, released its second annual State of Influencer Equality report. To read the entire report click here.

Key findings of the report include:

  • Over the past five years, the average earnings for all self-reported races and genders have risen dramatically.
  • In the last three years, persons of color have commanded a premium over their Caucasian counterparts, with African Americans making an average of 47% more per post than Caucasians in 2020.
  • Females continue to dominate the influencer marketing industry, receiving 90% of all transaction volume over the past five years.
  • Influencers under the age of 17 continue to command the highest premium of all age groups, earning 2.3x more per post vs. those aged 45 to 54 years.
  • Influencers with an annual household income of $150k+ or more per year charge a 1.6x premium for a sponsored post compared to their counterparts earning $20k or less per year.
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This Morning fans slam fitness influencer Sheridan Mordew

This Morning (a British daytime television program on ITV) fans have been left fuming after fitness influencer Sheridan Mordew, 24, appeared on the show to insist that her Dubai holiday was an essential work trip and necessary for her mental health. Mordew, who runs “Shape Up With Sher”, arrived in Dubai on 2 January 2021 to film live workouts to inspire her clients back home in the UK. She insisted that the trip was essential for her mental health which resulted in a social media backlash. Hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby appeared to be equally unimpressed with Sheridan’s claims. Read more influencer news on this social media slamming here.

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Travel influencer has been slammed for pandemic holiday TikTok

Barbora Ondrackova is a travel influencer who uses the TikTok handle ‘travelinmysoul’. She uploaded a short video showing off all the places she traveled to during the global coronavirus pandemic. In her post, she revealed that she had traveled to 10 countries in 2020. Ondrackova has been slammed on TikTok for it. To know more about this influencer news on social media slamming read this.

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Women over 50 are rocking the influencer scene on Instagram

Elder women bring freshness to influencer marketing on social media. At an age when society expects them to fit into definitions of somber, elderly women, they are defying norms and naysayers by going where their passions lead them. You can read this entire article more here.

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Instagram influencers are a vaccine priority in wary Indonesia

A poll last month showed just 37% of Indonesians were willing to be vaccinated while 40% would consider it, and 17% refused. Among the first in the queue for coronavirus vaccines in Indonesia has been one conspicuous group — social media influencers. However, the decision to include social media influencers on the priority list backfired somewhat when photos of influencer Raffi Ahmed showed him partying hours after he was given the injection — which does not confer immediate immunity. Read more on this influencer news here.

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Bali influencer is building an education platform for remote workers

Olumide Gbenro, a famous digital nomad influencer from Bali, is known across the travel community as a remote work leader who has hosted dozens of virtual and in-person business events around the world. He is building a premium education platform, Globoversity, aiming to bring world-class education to the remote work community. Read more on this influencer news here.

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Fitness influencer Cheyann Shaw dies of cancer

Cheyann Shaw, a fitness influencer, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2016. After a long battle with cancer, she passed away on 4 January 2021 at an age of 27. She had 224K followers on Instagram and her posts served as an inspiration for many of her followers. Read more about Cheyann Shaw here.

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Pregnant influencer Emily Mitchell’s cause of death was revealed as pulmonary embolism

Mitchell, 36, a parenting blogger, known for running the website The Hidden Way, passed away unexpectedly on the morning of December 22, 2021. According to the state Medical Examiner’s Office, the official cause of death was a pulmonary embolism. Mitchell was pregnant with her fifth child and died three days before Christmas along with her unborn baby. She was a blogger with 185K followers on Instagram. Mitchell posted content on how she raised her four children, Finn, Isla, Eden, and Luna, with her husband Joseph Mitchell. Read more about Emily Mitchell here.

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Social media influencer Alexis Sharkey was strangled to death

On January 19, 2021, Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences confirmed that Alexis Sharkey, 26, an Instagram influencer, was strangled to death. Sharkey’s body was found On November 20, 2020, by the city workers off a highway in Texas after she went missing over the Thanksgiving holiday. The outlet wrote that the Houston Police Department has not filed any charges and has made no arrests. They further concluded that the matter is still under investigation. Read more about Alexis Sharkey here.

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Rafi Shaik, an influencer from Andhra Pradesh, allegedly ended his life days after he escaped his kidnappers

Social media influencer Rafi Shaik ended his life in the Nellore district on 23 January 2021. The deceased was a popular TikToker. Rafi’s brother Syed Iqbal said that the former went to meet a friend at a coffee shop and was allegedly abducted by unidentified persons. Read more about Rafi Shaik here.

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Brazilian influencer shot dead by her husband over a racy post

Eliane Siolin, a well-known TikTok influencer was shot dead in front of her 6-year-old daughter by her husband in a fit of rage about a revealing post she shared online. After shooting Siolin, her husband killed himself. Read more about Eliane Siolin here.

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