A Reflection on 2020

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1. Trying out new things

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2. Work-life balance is possible!

“Hopefully, as companies give more attention to the importance of work-life balance, more and more people will be in a better position to decide and act more holistically on what’s important to them.”- Mohamed El-Erian

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3. Planning is everything!

Planning gives everyone more control over their lives. Even if we did not have to go out and run errands, keeping a planner and listing things-to-do on a daily basis during the lockdown made people live a little more organized life. Planning goes beyond work. Whether it was keeping a list of what we need to get from the grocery store, or what hobby should we invest in next, planning was a part of everyone’s agenda this year.

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4. We rediscovered our likes and dislikes

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5. More family time

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6. Fitness finally got a priority

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7. This was a year of bringing back old trends

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8. A year of decluttering

This year gave us an opportunity to declutter our homes and a list of ideas. This was the year to pick up the job you have been putting off. Whether it was something as simple as cleaning a drawer or arranging wardrobes, or learning something new, being at home and having spare time at hand enabled us to declutter our lives and make space for fresh stuff.

9. A year of creating

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10. A year of learnings

The biggest lesson we all learned this year was to not take anything for granted. As humans, we have a tendency of neglecting and taking things or people who are easily available to us, for granted. This year, with ever-impending uncertainty, we all realized the importance of appreciating things we have and not taking them for granted.



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